Comments made at David Forman’s funeral.  My remarks were off-the-cuff so this is a reconstruction of what I thought I said.

Shira mentioned in her comments about a rainbow appearing in Dallas right after David died at Baylor Hospital.  By coincidence, a friend from Dallas sent me an email picture this morning of the same rainbow.

One of my early memories of David was an incident that occurred when he was in the second grade at the James Russell Lowell school in Watertown Massachusetts.  He carved his initials on his desk and his teacher, who was apparently very annoyed, called me out of my sixth grade class and made me come down to see it.  David and I reminisced about this a few weeks ago when he was in Hadassah.  I remember David when he was in high school throwing big parties at our parent’s house when they were out of town.  I came to the house one evening and noticed a lot of cars and a policeman at the door.  I had to show an ID to get into my own house.  Another memory was David going to the Ted Mack acting camp when he was in high school.  When I visited David at camp, he played Luther in South Pacific and stole the show.  I see a Red Sox hat worn by Gabe and I have to mention that David and I were die-hard fans.  During the 2004 World Series we emailed each other several times each day.  David even wrote a prayer for the Sox and placed it in the Wailing Wall.  They lost the first 3 games to the Yankees so I told him to go back to the Wall and take the prayer out.

I think that one of David’s greatest attributes is the fact that he was the glue to the family.  Even though he was in Israel he arranged the family get-togethers in the US.  He was adored by my children who referred to him as Uncle Abba.  David made a point of contacting everyone in our family.  Even the few odd cousins that we have that no one cares to associate with.  David would visit them and always say positive things about them.  David had a way of making everyone feel good about themselves.

When I was in Israel last week I kidded with David that I wasted spending all that money for a ticket when he was coming to Dallas where I live in a few days for a transplant.  Well, that was the best use of money that I ever spent.  I was honored to have David as my brother.


3 Responses to “Jim Forman’s Eulogy”

  1. 1 Marty Eisenstein May 11, 2010 at 7:19 pm


    I share in your sorrow.
    It was a pleasure hearing your words and meeting you at the funeral.

    Is there any way the photo of the rainbow can be posted on line?


    Marty Eisenstein

  2. 2 karen forman May 13, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    So beautiful dader, what a loving brother you are.
    love love love,

  3. 3 bettye jo washington May 18, 2010 at 1:10 am


    I am so sorry to hear of your brother David’s death. All of the ulogies were beautiful. I know your brother knew he was loved. Jim remember this: Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you. Remember also that His mercies never come to an end; they are new EVERY MORNING; great is thy faithfulness.

    with love and respect,


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